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Registration Fee

For Russian Oncology Association members the participation is free. Free pre-registration on the Website is obligatory!
Other participants should pay the registration fee 4000 roubles.

On-line payment with a bank card at the conference web-site only over ROBOKASSA

Currently, ROBOKASSA accepts Visa/Mastercard credit cards from the following countries:
CIS: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan.
Baltic States: Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia.
Other countries: Austria, Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Turkey, Cyprus, Montenegro, Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovakia, San Marino, Malta, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Andorra, Iceland, Ireland, Vatican City , Egypt, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Israel, Spain, Luxembourg, Norway, Finland, France, Switzerland, Sweden, Poland, Portugal, Czech Republic, Romania.

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Russian Oncology Association member (the participation is free)

Public offer >> 


for the provision of services to ensure participation in scientific events and payment for services related to participation in scientific events.

1. Terms and definitions used in the Agreement

Customer — a physical person, website visitor, who accepts the terms and conditions of the Agreement and has paid services through the Internet site.

Events–– congresses, symposiums and other events, organization of which is provided by LLC «Medical Marketing Agency». Information about the Event is posted on a website of this particular Event.

Executor — LLC «Medical Marketing Agency», organizer of the Event.

Internet site –– a website that belongs to the Executor, is located in the web network at the address, containing the present offer of payment for services related to participation in an Event hold by the Executor and also costs of provided services.

2. Subject of the Agreement

2.1. The subject of the public offer (hereinafter – Offer) is a sale of services to the Customer for participation in the Event on the terms of this offer and according to prices published on the site of the Event.

2.2. Acceptance of the offer is service payment according to the procedure determined by the costs and conditions of service payment.

2.3. The fact of the Customer order of the service to the Executor is unconditional acceptance of the terms and conditions of the Offer, i.e. the Customer who paid the service is considered to have concluded the agreement with the Executor on the Offer conditions.

3. Rights and obligations of the Parties

3.1. The Executor undertakes:

3.1.1. From the moment of the Agreement conclusion to render services to the Customer according to the Offer list and quality requirements.

3.1.2. To inform the Customer about any changes and amendments with respect to the Event based on the Offer by posting information about changes on the web site.

3.1.3. To provide the Customer with the information concerning the service fee and payment options.

3.1.4. Keep confidential any private information of the Customer and not to provide with access third parties, except where statutorily provided.

3.2. The Executor has the right:

3.2.2. To demand full service payment from the Customer.

3.2.3. To employ third parties for service payment acceptance.

3.2.4. To change unilaterally the Agreement and fee schedules by posting them on the Website. In this case the service prices paid by the Customer shall not be subject to variation.

3.2.5. To switch off and on the service, undertake the preventive measures on the server and other equipment employed in rendering services at all reasonable time, informing the Customers on the Site.

3.2.6. The Executor reserves the right of non-performance of the Services in case of force-majeure (cl. 6 of this Agreement).

3.3. The Customer undertakes:

3.3.1. To get acquainted with the terms and conditions of this Agreement and services fee on the Web Site of the Event before conclusion of this agreement.

3.3.2. To agree to the terms and conditions of this Offer.

3.3.3. To give actual contacts while ordering the services. The customer is fully responsible for reliability and eligibility for provided information while ordering. In case of the Customer’s refusal of giving his actual contacts, the Executor has right to refuse the service provision.

3.3.4. To indicate and check the data needed for service payment while ordering. In case of Customer’s refusal to give the required data, the Executor has the right to refuse the service delivery.

3.3.5. To pay in full the service costs by means of payment on the Website and at the time specified on the site of the Event.

3.4. The Customer has the right:

3.4.1. To order services on the Site. The Customer agrees that in case of using the Executor’s service he accepts fully and unreservedly the conditions of this Offer irrespective of how the purchase has been effected.

3.4.2. To choose the way of service payment offered on the Website

3.4.3. The Customer is fully responsible for the reliability and lawfulness of using data he stated at ordering the ticket.

4. Refund

4.1. Refund is executed only in case of cancellation, replacement or postponement of the Event according to the rules specified by the organizer of the Event.

4.2. In case of cancellation of the Event the Customer will receive back the costs of services according to the procedure published on the Website.

4.3. Refund is accomplished by reimbursement for the purchased services to the bank card or by postal order. The way of refund should be specified in the related field of refund application.

5. Responsibility and settlement of disputes

5.1. The Executor is not responsible for non-performance or improper performance of services for his part or by third parties that have been caused due to the unreliability, inadequacy or delay of data given by the Customer, and also that have been caused due to other violations of the conditions of this Offer by the Customer.

5.2. The Executor is not responsible for the Customer’s failure to visit the Event due to circumstances that do not depend on the Executor.

5.3. The Executor is not responsible for the lack of correspondence of the Event to the Customer’s expectations and his subjective uation.

5.4. If the Customer has any questions and claims he should address the Executor by phone or any other available means. The parties will try to settle all arising disputes by negotiations, in case of impossibility to reach an agreement the dispute will be submitted for consideration to the court of justice according to the legislation of the Russian Federation.

5.5. In all other unstipulated issues the Parties are governed by the legislation of the Russian Federation. All presumptive disputes coming out of agreement provisions will be settled in judicial courts of the Russian Federation according to the Russian legislation.

6. Force majeure circumstances

6.1. The Parties escape from full or partial non-performance of their obligations under the Agreement, if such non-performance is a result from force majeure circumstances, i.e. extraordinary and irresistible circumstances.

6.2. Force majeure circumstances include in particular: natural disasters, military activities, state crisis, strikes in the industry or region, acts and decisions of state, failures in telecommunications and energy networks, malicious software and also frauds of third parties consisting in actions aimed at illegal access and/or disabling to/of soft- and/or hardware system of each of the Parties.

7. Modification and termination of the Agreement

7.1. This Offer shall come into force when upon acceptance by the Customer and shall remain in force until the obligations under this agreement have been fully completed by the Executor.

7.2. The Executor has the right to change the conditions of this Agreement without previous notice. The Customer knows about the possibility of such changes and agrees to this fact. If the Customer continues using services of the Executor after these changes, it implies his agreement to them.

8. Confidential of data and data security

8.1. The personal data of the Customer will be processed according to the Federal Law «On personal data» No 152-FL.

8.2. When registering on the Website, the Customer provides with the following information: first name, last name, phone number, e-mail.

8.3. Providing his personal data to the Executor, the Customer agrees to its processing by the Executor which includes the fulfillment of obligations by the Executor within the Offer, mailing the events holding by the Executor, services’ quality control carrying out by the Executor.

8.4. Processing of personal data is understood as any action (operation) or series of steps (operations), committing with the use of automatic means or without them, with personal data, including collection, recording, systematization, accumulation, storage, specification (updating, modification), extraction, use, transfer (including transfer to third parties as well as trans-border transfer if needed during completion of obligations), depersonalization, blocking, removal, destruction of personal data.

8.5. The Customer is guaranteed the privacy of data he provides with for the purpose of service payment.

8.6. The Customer is responsible for confidentiality of his registration name (login) and password, and also for all actions performed under this name (login) and password. The Executor is not responsible and does not pay for losses due to the data abuse by third parties.

I agree with public offer agreement